SUSAB Latvijas Filiale is active in Forest Management in Latgale since 2014.

We are managing 33 000 hectares of forest and agriculture land owned by Swedish investors. New clients are coming in January 2018.

We have our office in Rezekne where our four forest managers are stationed.

Our forest managers have higher forest education, speaks English, Latvian and Russian.

Forest managers are experienced in practical forestry with logging and silviculture and cooperate with a vast network of selected contractors.

They are independently responsible for certain clients forests with an ovarall responsibility to plan, manage, administrate and report every action in SUSABs businessystem.

Forestmanager report to and communicate in English with their clients in Sweden.

SUSABs experienced accountants handles all bookkeeping and total administration of Latvian SIA companies.

Wood sales are handled as cutting rights for high valuable species.

Other wood assortments are delivered to local industry in Latgale where we have built up good business relations.

We have introduced new methods in tranforming former agriculture land into forest, which have reduced costs as well as giving the new plantations better conditions to grow well.

If you are interested in our forest management services please contact

Daniel Andersson

Managing Director

Skogsutveckling Syd AB

+46(0)73 3989000